Need some cheering up on this bitter cold spring morning in New England?

What better than a stunning Vermont bride to brighten up your day. I had such a great time photographing Kelly & Luke’s wedding at the Amee Lodge Farm – and Kelly feeding the goats was definitely one of my personal favorite photos of all time.

Amee Barn Vermont fall wedding

Have a great start into the week!

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat LLC
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After unglueing ourselves from the cozy breakfast table at the Shady Lady B&B, we headed back to Beatty to take the Daylight Pass back into Death Valley with a quick stop at the Ghost Town Rhyolite. Out of all the ghost towns we have seen out west so far, this one appeared to be the most modern, dating back to 1904 with a bank, school, union, dance halls, red light district … however, by 1916, power was officially shut down in Rhyolite.

We parked in the parking lot at the house built entirely out of bottles (you can’t miss it) and strolled up the mountain road and stopped at the few buildings that were left.
Ryholite Ghost Town in Death Valley by Kingdom Wedding Photography by Katm=, Nevada and California wedding photographer

Ryholite Ghost Town in Death Valley by Kingdom Wedding Photography by Katm=, Nevada and California wedding photographer

Ryholite Ghost Town in Death Valley by Kingdom Wedding Photography by Katm=, Nevada and California wedding photographer

We spent a good 40 minutes in Rhyolite before continuing our descent into the valley past the fantastic super bloom with frequent requests to “pull over, pull over, that’s an awesome photo.”
2016 Daylight Pass during Superbloom in Death Valley

We reached Mosaic Canyon just in time for a noon hike but thankfully, even mid-day temperatures didn’t get past 85 degrees so we had a fantastic spring time hike into the canyon. We hiked up dried up waterfalls, climbed boulders …
Mosaic Canyon Hike 2016 in Death Valley

Mosaic Canyon Hike 2016 in Death Valley

Mosaic Canyon Hike 2016 in Death Valley

and had an excellent time! The only thing we were missing was either a cold brew or an ice cream.

Mosaic Canyon Hike 2016 in Death Valley

After an afternoon stop in Stovepipe Wells (which, surprisingly enough, did not sell ice cream anywhere), we made our last stop of the journey and drove to Dante’s View. Damian drove us up the mountain while I made sure the passenger car door didn’t fall off by hanging on for dear life – a trait I inherited from my mother.
Dante's View Death Valley

Once up, the view was simply stunning. Mind blowingly stunning.
Dante's View Death Valley

Our goofy selves!
tatooed Vermont wedding photographer hiking in Death Valley

Truly, this is one of my favorite places that we return to year after year. Here’s to more traveling!

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When Leigh & Greg got married at the gorgeous Blueberry Hill, no detail was overlooked. Every aspect of their wedding day was styled beautifully and much thought was given to entertain the kids in attendance while keeping with the colorful theme of the wedding. This jar full of colorful crayons was the perfect centerpiece for the kids’ table; not only did it keep the kids entertained along with plenty of drawing books but it is also absolutely spill proof!

colorful childproof table centerpiece for kids table at wedding

Happy wedding planning!

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat
Blueberry Hill Goshen Vermont destination wedding photographer

After an adventurous drive through the night during which we discussed the utter lack of dining options, we finally reached Mile Marker 92 and … The Shady Lady B&B, which appeared out of the dark like a mirage. Unfortunately, the mile long driveway wasn’t lit, paved or marked so we took a little offroad trip around the place before finally hopping into the parking lot (rain storms that had pummeled the area in previous weeks and caused quite a bit of damage to the roads). No other car was in sight and there was no sign of life. “We’re going to get killed in our sleep” was the first thing I said upon looking around. However, we were dirty, hungry and tired and decided “what the heck”. We approached the front door with a proper measure of caution and knocked. Steps echoed from the other end of the house. “We can still run to the car and head back into the desert” [me in a tiny voice] as the door swung open.

We needn’t have worried as our hosts turned out to be gracious, warm and welcoming people, not all all the kind that would kill you in your sleep. With that squared away, we headed back into “town”, where we dined at Beatty’s 2nd finest restaurant as per TripAdvisor. The atmosphere was rustic –

– and the food kicked ass! Note that they don’t accept credit cards so Damian was able to save the day because cash-less me would have been out of luck! 4 Chili Dogs/Burgers and a couple of Boston’s finest later, we headed back to the Shady Lady, which was no longer deserted as the other guests had found their way into the parking lot as well.

The next morning, we awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon and we soon joined our fellow adventurers at the breakfast table. I had never stayed at a B&B before and had the greatest time meeting people from all over the country. Many cans of coffee later, we headed back into Death Valley but turned around to take one photo as we left:
Shady Lady Bed & Breakfast on the outskirts of Death Valley in nowhere, Nevada

Stay tuned for the next part of our Road Trip Report that took us from 200 feet below sea level all the way up to 5600 feet above sea level.

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat LLC
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