It feels odd talking about sunglasses when we’re up to our necks in snow with no sun in sight but I’m hoping the sun will come out eventually. Really, really hoping. In that spirit, here’s my wedding tip of the week:

Ditch the transition lenses. While it’s incredible that our regular glasses automatically turn into sunglasses during the outdoor ceremony, it also means that everybody wearing transition lenses will look like they’re wearing sunglasses. For formal wedding photos, it’s probably not the look you’re going for. Unfortunately, it also isn’t something that can be “photoshopped out”.

If you want to see your family member’s eyes in your wedding photos, ask them to simply leave the transition lenses for another day and opt for a standard set of specs on the wedding day.

My awesome bride Megan (shown with her equally awesome dad) even went a step further and got herself glasses that don’t reflect sunlight! Yep, no reflection in her glasses, just her beautiful eyes.

how to take great wedding photos when wearing glasses

Enjoy the snow this weekend!

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I totally get it – you’re nervous, all eyes are upon you as you’re walking down the aisle. You just want to look down at your feet so you don’t stumble and make it down the aisle in one piece as fast as you can. But trust me – you want to savor this moment. Walk slowly and take in the moment (because this is your moment), look at the faces of your family members and friends smiling at you …

guest reaction to bride walking down the aisle

… look at your partner at the other end of the aisle, don’t rush, take it all in and enjoy the moment! You’ve probably heard it a million times by now but as a former bride myself, I can’t stress this enough – your wedding day will just fly by and will feel like one big happy blur at the end of the night. It will go by incredibly fast so try to hold on to those moments.

how to look great walking down the aisle

Added bonus: your wedding photos will look so much better with you looking up & enjoying your walk down the aisle.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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I’m incredibly lucky because I get to photograph so many fantastic outdoor weddings here in Vermont and get to see so many cool wedding ideas & inspirations in person. Dawna & Jarred’s vintage chic Vermont wedding at Seyon National Park was choke full of super cool details.

They came up with a super creative way to chill the beer and set up a liquid catering option that fit the theme of their lake side wedding by re-purposing an old canoe that held all the awesome Vermont craft beers.

Vermont outdoor wedding inspiration how to store self serve drinks

The canoe was propped up on bales of hay to prevent it from tipping and I absolutely love this ingenious idea.

Happy wedding planning!

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Another year, another award.;-)

I won the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award for 2015 – thank you so much to my fabulous couples! I am also super happy that they’re no longer calling this thing “Brides’ Choice Awards” but made a cool step towards equality with the “Couples’ Choice Awards”.

WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.”

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You have put incredible amounts of time, love and effort into planning your wedding and you want awesome wedding photos to remember your day by.

Apart from hiring a great wedding photographer, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your wedding photos will be absolutely spectacular. Over the next couples of weeks, I’ll be sharing tips & tricks with you for picture perfect wedding photos.

Here is my first wedding photography tip: Don’t share the dance floor.

During the father/daughter or mother/son dance, I’m looking for moments, emotions, a smile, a shared hug … in short, I’m trying to capture the relationship you have with your mom or dad from just the right angle … in about three minutes.

how to take great wedding photos - parent dances

Sharing the dance floor for a combined father/daughter & mother/son dance gives your photographer just half the amount of time to capture two relationships which really jeopardizes the sweet and special moments that I am trying to capture during these three short minutes.

how to take great wedding photos - parent dances

So here’s my tip to ensure you have awesome photos of your dances: dance your full dance, one dance at a time.

Happy wedding planning.

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