We’ve been quiet lately but insanely busy behind the scenes.

Here’s the big NEWS: We successfully launched our sister company, Vermont Cowgirl, over the weekend with a brand-spanking new website, blog, Instagram & and online storefront. Over a year of developing new products, writing product descriptions, defining the brand, designing the website, photographing products … countless of hours of love & labor went into this and we’re so proud to introduce our new baby!

Vermont Cowgirl - home of the world's best body butters, lip balms and soaps

Who or what is Vermont Cowgirl?
Good question. A couple of years ago, I was looking for a chocolate lip balm that didn’t have a bunch of synthetic crap in it. I searched high and low, couldn’t find one and set out to create my own. I tinkered around until I got the recipe just right, realized that oils & butters were much cheaper in bulk and subsequently started purchasing in bulk. The only flaw in the logic was that we now had materials to make roughly 1000000 lip balms or enough to last even me a lifetime. So we gave them to our brides as gifts, gave them to our vet as gifts … basically everybody we knew. It was like “here, you’re going to love this”. Then people kept asking from more lip balms. Custom lip balms so we started designing lip balms that doubled as business cards with custom logos on them.

custom lip balm with your photo

Then I thought “would it be neat to have a body butter to go along with the lip balm?”. Off we were to create the World’s Best all-natural body butter. Now we have a Citrus Kick Butter (my favorite), a Chocolate Body Butter, a Mojito Body Butter (scented with lime & peppermint essential oils) and a ton more. Next came soaps. Our mud room turned into a storage facility. Then the garage got converted. Then people asked if we had any bath soaks. We didn’t but set out to make them. Then a resort/spa that had heard about us placed their first wholesale order. We realized that this little hobby of mine had turned into a full fledged business.

lemon lime grapefruit orange body butter with a hint of basil

So just for 2016/17, we scaled back the bookings we accepted to focus on launching Vermont Cowgirl.


On the upside: after being cooped up for so long, I’m more excited than ever to photograph this summer’s amazing weddings. Next Saturday, I’ll be celebrating with Ashley & Chris; the weekend after, I’ll reconnect with my couple Lena & John to photograph their baby, the weekend after will see two weddings that I’m beyond excited about and then we’re heading into fall with more weddings, family visits and another trip out west.

It’s been a crazy year and we’re super stoked for everything that’s in store. With that, we have another HUGE announcement for Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat LLC coming up in the next couple of days – it’s going to be good!

So enjoy, take a peek at the Vermont Cowgirl website, treat yourself to the world’s best body butters and Artisan Sea Salt Soaps and take 10% off your order by entering coupon code KWP at checkout.

Happy August & have a fantastic week!!!

Kat & Damian
Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat LLC & Vermont Cowgirl

I absolutely love First Look Wedding Photos. There’s always something special about the couple seeing each other before the ceremony without everybody watching. Here are three reasons why the first look session rocks:

1) It calms your nerves!
Nothing more relaxing than finally being able to see each other, talk to each other before the ceremony and spend a couple of minutes together before the official events begin.

2) Be Yourself
This is the time where you can hug each other, kiss each other and actually say “You look incredible” – all the things you can’t (or maybe don’t) want to do in front of all your guests (or parents).

3) It makes your timeline go so much more smoothly
I’ll be honest. It’s fantastic to be able to take most of formal photos before the ceremony so you can enjoy more of cocktail hour with your guests.

first look wedding photos in Vermont - pros and cons

How it works:
After meeting with the “waiting” spouse to be, I take a step back and give you time alone while photographing from a distance. You can relax, totally be yourself, share your thoughts with each other, all that without me being right in your face.

On the fence about a first look session - when you see each other before the wedding ceremony?

On the fence about a first look session - when you see each other before the wedding ceremony?

first look wedding photos in Vermont - pros and cons

Don’t want to see each other before the wedding ceremony? Easy enough – do a “First Touch” Session.

first look wedding photos in Vermont - pros and cons

Whatever you do, do what makes you happy!

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat LLC
Best Vermont Destination Wedding Photographers

July 9th not only marked Tonya & Matt’s 5th Wedding Anniversary, it was also my first wedding as a non-smoking Vermont wedding photographer.

I can’t remember not smoking. When I was in high school, it was the “cool” thing to do and the habit stuck. Weddings can be super stressful and I couldn’t positively imagine not smoking one of my beloved American Spirits on my way home. The weekend prior was my first (and last!) triple header with weddings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I criss-crossed Vermont smoking like a chimney.

By Monday, I had lost my voice and we decided to quit cold turkey. Truth be told, it was Damian’s idea and I reluctantly agreed. We never looked back. The next weekend was Tonya & Matt’s wedding and trust me, after 12 hours of photography, I wanted nothing more than a smoke. Instead, I rolled down my car window, cranked up the stereo and entertained Vermont with Bon Jovi’s finest on my way back from the Equinox.

Vermont's best destination wedding photographers

So in case you come across a red Mini Cooper late at night on a weekend that happens to be blaring their stereo, know that there’s a still non-smoking wedding photographer behind the wheel singing along at the top of her lungs.

A very happy and healthy 5-year Anniversary to all of us!

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat
your Vermont destination wedding photographer

Throwback Thursday to Molly & A.C.’s AMAZING Vermont summer wedding overlooking the shores of Lake Willoughby. These DIY flowers were made by the aunt of the bride, who in a previous life happened to be a florist. Enjoy & happy wedding planning.

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat
Professional Vermont Wedding Photographer

The Webster Barn, unfortunately, is no longer a Vermont wedding venue. It’s a shame because I have so many amazing and fun memories of the most incredible Vermont farm weddings here.

Enjoy this beautiful sunset on Emily & Scott’s wedding day!

wedding photo at sunset in the fields of Vermont by Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat

Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photograph by Kat
your New England Destination Wedding Photographer