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September 21, 2017

Christina’s Dad summed it up best. “People should be measured by their capacity to give and to receive love.” By that measure, Chris & Kathy are set for more than just this lifetime together. It was so.so incredible to see the amounts of love and joy that were in the air as these two tied […]

September 15, 2017

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A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Uncommon Goods to see if I would write a blog post about them. They sent along a gift card and I went on a happy shopping spree. Note – I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for this post in any which way, shape or form. I […]

August 10, 2017

Time for another Picture of the Day and another Throwback Thursday! I absolutely love, love, LOVE when kids forget about the camera pointed at them, not make their “camera face” and just do what they do. It’s the best, love those candid wedding moments. Have an awesome day! Kat – Kat Mooney Photography candid & […]

August 9, 2017

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This guy (or gal) totally made my day! After years of carefully cultivating our yard (read: going from an ambitious manicured look to an overgrown organic look due to complete lack of time and effort on our part), our flower beds are hopping with bees, Monarch butterflies and a host of other flying & crawling […]

August 8, 2017

My couples are amazing people. They’re amazingly fun, talented and creative. Most of them absolutely LOVE craft beer, some are beer brewers (hobby & pros alike) and have found a ton of different ways of incorporating their love for local craft beers into their wedding. Patrick, for example, brewed not one but FOUR different beers […]

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