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June 6, 2018

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It’s been almost two weeks since Daisy died. After our vet Nate carried her body out the door and left, I opened the second bottle of wine. After drunk calling me parents (with the six hour time difference, it was already 8am in Germany) I cried for what felt like hours until I thankfully passed […]

May 28, 2018

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14 years ago, a little brindled pittie girl walked right up to Damian, sat in front him and introduced herself. We were instantly head over heels in love. Desperately and deeply in love. We became a family that very instant. Our journey took us many miles from coast to coast with many great adventures and […]

May 2, 2018

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Today is my mom’s 49th wedding anniversary. Tomorrow will be my dad’s 49th wedding anniversary. Wondering why they celebrate separately? Well, it’s a funny story. When asked what the secret to a long and happy marriage was, they said this. Mom: Tolerance & patience are key; as is accepting their flaws as well as your […]

April 18, 2018

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Traditionally, we spend the rest of the week after WPPI in Death Valley to explore and hike. However, during our week there, Death Valley was actually COLDER than Vermont with snow so we scrapped that idea and went to Joshua Tree instead. Not only was it warmer there, we also got to stay sy an […]

March 23, 2018

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To describe Shelly as spirited would be an understatement. A MASSIVE understatement. If there was a book about her, it would rival the adventures of “Marley”. And while she might not have been the easiest of dogs to raise, she taught us just.so.much about patience and how to take every day as a gift without […]

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