June 6, 2018

How to deal with the grief after your dog dies

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It’s been almost two weeks since Daisy died. After our vet Nate carried her body out the door and left, I opened the second bottle of wine. After drunk calling me parents (with the six hour time difference, it was already 8am in Germany) I cried for what felt like hours until I thankfully passed out cold.

Friday morning found us waking up with Daisy’s pillow between us empty and it became real. She was gone. We were never going to snuggle again. We weren’t going to kiss and hug for hours any more, she would never again give us that goofy little smile of hers, she’d never wink at us again. She was dead. Gone. That morning also found me laying outside on the grass in a crying fit screaming for my Daisy back. Still dead. Shelly and Jake just sat on the grass looking depressed. We continued like this over Memorial Weekend, walking around like Zombies, running errands wearing our sunglasses indoors and barely hanging on for the sake of the rest of the crew. It hurt so much.

grief after your dog dies

As a couple who never wanted kids but always dogs, she was our baby. Our firstborn. She adopted us 9 months into our marriage and that was it. Over the last 14 years, our lives pretty much revolved around Daisy, the sun of our universe. Or, as we call it, the Mooneyverse. 🙂 We changed up our easy-going LA Lifestyle which involved lots of side-gigs and hanging out at coffee shops; weekends now saw us attend obedience classes and going to dog parks, we got “real jobs”, found ourselves a house with a proper backyard for her and over the course of the next couple of years, became actual functioning adults. Funny how much one little puppy can change.

Which is why this new reality sucks so much. We cheated death so many times and were convinced that this would just be one of those times. An expensive vet bill as it had been her style throughout her life but always managing to pull through. Not this time.

to be continued ….


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