July 22, 2018

How to plan the grand sparkler exit on your wedding day

I’m always super excited when my couples plan to light sparklers on their wedding day or are planning a grand sparkler exit at the end of the wedding reception. In order to get the best possible photos, here are some tips I’ve learned over the years (decades really – yikes!) that guarantee awesome sparkler wedding photos.

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    1. Get non-smoking sparklers. All sparklers smoke but there are a million companies out there that sell smokeless wedding sparklers specifically. Technically, any time you light a fire, there’s going to be smoke but these smokeless sparklers will only give off a bit of a puff at the beginning and then burn clear, meaning there won’t be any smoke obscuring your wedding photos. It also makes it much easier for anybody to breathe while in the send-off line. Although I think the smoke in the background here looks totally badass.

couple surrounded by friends with sparklers on their wedding day2. Unless you hire a wedding planner or Day-Of Coordinator, you or a member of your family/wedding party will be in charge of lining up guests, handing out sparklers & matches/lighters and ensure that all guests light up their sparklers at the same time. Don’t assume guests automatically know what to do. 🙂 After a sparkler incident almost cost a fellow wedding photographer his hand, I no longer assist with lining up guests or light sparklers.

how to get good sparkler exit photos at wedding

3) Ask your guests not to switch back into their street clothes. I know, Vermont summer evenings can feel cool to out of staters and I’m right there with them. While Vermonters are out in t-shirts and shorts, the rest of us are freezing our butts off. Also, while cozy, fleece sweaters/jackets should really be labeled fire starters.

Other than that – HAVE FUN and enjoy your sparkler exit to the fullest.

bride and groom with sparklers

Lastly, a couple of tips that may sound like common sense but as my father in law used to say “I’ve seen and and so will you” so we go 😉 :

a) Keep sparklers away from anybody too drunk to stand without having to be propped up.
b) Don’t light sparklers inside the reception tent.
c) Most sparklers burn between 60 and 120 seconds so it’s super important that all guests light these sparklers at the same time when the two lines have formed.
d) if all else fails, grab your wedding photographer, grab some sparklers and take some more fun wedding sparkler photos away from the crowd.

Happy wedding planning!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photographer
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