April 30, 2018

Must-ask questions for your wedding photographer

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Some wedding blogs & magazines are giving unsuspecting couples some really lousy advice. I’ve already gone through some great and some not-so-great “questions to ask your wedding photographer” in the first two installments here and here but there’s always room for more so get ready for the third installment.

wooden "I do" wedding sign

How would you describe your style?
This one has me stumped. Looking at a photographer’s work should answer this question easily – does their work look stiffly posed? They’re probably a more traditional wedding photographer. More candid wedding photos than anything? Artistic posing is probably not their strong suit if they’re a photojournalist. Honestly, don’t ask this question unless you’re prepared to hear “I pair photojournalism with a fine art approach and careful artistic posing that is modern and yet timeless”. 🙂 Just look at the photographer’s portfolio. Do you like their work? That’s all that matters, regardless of what we want to call it.

Can I see your portfolio?
I’m actually surprised that this question is still being included in so many “question to ask your wedding photographer” blog posts. Every wedding photographer worth their money will usually have a website portfolio or a blog. Not sure why anybody would contact any photographer without having looked at their portfolio.

However, “Can I see an entire wedding you photographed” or “Can I see an entire wedding album” are absolutely 100% great questions to ask your wedding photographer as it’s easy to just showcase the best of the best on a website. Any wedding photographer should be happy to send you links to entire client galleries.

quirky Vermont wedding photographer

Why are you a wedding photographer?
Prepare for a waste of your wedding planning time and answers like “I just love love LOVE to photograph people in love” etc. If your photographer loves their job you will be able to tell once you start chatting. If they don’t, you’ll hear it loud and clear during your initial converation. As for me, happy people are hard to beat. There’s also the excitement of every moment being “live”, and all the challenges & solutions along the way. I also get to eat wedding cake every weekend. 🙂

How many pictures do you take on the wedding?
It depends. 🙂 The amount of pictures taken can vary. It’s based on the amount of “action” at the wedding i.e. are you going to have a short ceremony or are there going to be readings, passing along the rings, lighting a unity candle just to name a few; then there are the details of the wedding and how much time we have for family photos, pictures of the two of you, First Look and much more. The point is quality over quantity! Would you rather have 550 amazing photos or 3,000 “so-so” photos?

Now here are two questions that are really great!
What will you wear on my wedding day?
I ask all my couples what kind of feel they’re going for with their wedding, if they’re going to have a relaxed garden party or a more formal affair so I can dress appropriately. There’s nothing worse than being over- or underdressed. I like to blend in and not draw attention to myself.

Where will you be during the ceremony – will you be standing in front of my guests??

I can answer this with one photo: spot the wedding photographer in the image below. If you can’t, neither will your guests on your wedding day. 🙂 This photo was taken by my fabulous second shooter Damian, who spent the wedding ceremony balancing on a ladder to capture more of an areal view of the sunflower circle whereas I was in the middle of the circle to capture close ups.

unobtrusive Vermont wedding photographer

unobtrusive Vermont wedding photographers

As a general rule, I don’t stand in front of the first rows of guests (that’s just rude) and don’t like drawing attention to the fact that there is a photographer (or two). It’s about you, your vows and your family & friends witnessing your wedding ceremony. It also helps that I have super stealthy Ninja skills with my cameras in hand.

Any other questions, just give me a shout, I’m always happy to chat!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photographyunobtrusive Vermont wedding photographer

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