May 23, 2017

My trip to Northern Germany

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Freshly baked rolls in the morning.
Prosciutto, salami, German beer and cake every afternoon.
My dad’s famous BBQ & meatballs. Freshly harvested asparagus. White asparagus to boot.
Reconnecting with family members I hadn’t seen in decades.
Exploring areas of Germany that I had never been to when I was living there.

This recent trip to Germany had it all. My favorite place, however, still remains the quaint town of Bad Zwischenahn, largely due to the famous “Schinkendiele”, a paradise for all salami and prosciutto lovers. Slight downside is a slightly increased waist because you don’t just say “no” when people invite you over for “Kaffee and Kuchen” (coffee and cake) or breakfast. 🙂 Or when your parents prepare all your favorite meals for you. But that’s what workouts are for.

Schinkendiele in Bad Zwischenahn

Reetdachhaus und MĂĽhle in Bad Zwischenahn

In addition to eating, which we did a lot of, we also toured the area my parents moved to and visited some favorite haunts such as Horumersiel where countless vacations were spent as a child; Greetsiel, famous for its Twin Windmills; Carolininensiel where where my grandmother spend a year learning how to run a household when she was just 14; Pilsum with its trademark Red/Yellow “Otto Leuchtturm” lighthouse. That and sheeep. So many sheep. A tour guide told us that the sheep are just perfect to keep the levees compact and tight as cows with their much larger weight would pretty much wreck it.

Sheep at the Northsea_0002

Greetsiel, Pilsumer Leuchtturm und Carolinensiel_0001

We also explored an entirely new area (for us) called “Altes Land” (old land) just an hour south of Hamburg along the river Elbe, which is home to millions and millions of fruit trees and the cutest houses I’ve ever seen. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it!

Fachwerkhäuser im Alten Land

Stade Germany

Stade Germany

Rapsfeld in deutschland

Fachwerkhäuser im Alten Land

I just love this video. We probably spent a good hour watching the sheep going about their day when all of a sudden they broke into a run to the other side of the pasture, hooting and hollering in the process so make sure to turn your sound on.

Happy Travels!

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