May 2, 2018

The secret to a happy marriage …

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Today is my mom’s 49th wedding anniversary. Tomorrow will be my dad’s 49th wedding anniversary. Wondering why they celebrate separately? Well, it’s a funny story.

When asked what the secret to a long and happy marriage was, they said this.

Mom: Tolerance & patience are key; as is accepting their flaws as well as your own and don’t try to change your partner. They are who they are. Oh, and a good sense of humor.

According to my dad, there are two secrets.

1) Don’t disagree with your wife.
2) Marriage is like a soccer contract. You don’t assume it’s forever, you renew yearly.

What he means by that is that you don’t take your spouse for granted & continue to make an effort.

49th wedding anniversary

Happy Anniversary you two!!!!

Kat & Damian
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