June 4, 2018

Wedding Ceremony: What your Vermont Wedding Venue & Ceremony look like when it rains

Venue Coordinator: It’s going to rain. We need to move the ceremony indoors.
Couple & photographer: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Deciding to move your outdoor wedding ceremony indoors isn’t easy. It’s a touch call to make. Nobody wants to make that call too early only to have it NOT rain. Then again, nobody wants to make that call too late and have hundreds of drenched guests shiver their way through the rest of the evening.

You probably picked your Vermont wedding venue because of the location and the fact that they offer a killer ceremony site with epic views. Something like the 1824 House in Waitsfield. It’s a Vermont wedding photographer’s dream with sweeping vistas and everything that’s quintessentially VT.

You’ve probably seen photos like these in wedding blogs and wedding magazines over and over again. Have you ever wondered what an indoor ceremony at your chosen venue would look like?

organic and thrifty wedding arbor for outdoor DIY ceremony

Vermont's most creative wedding photographer who is also not afraid of getting wet

a late fall wedding at the 1824 House in Vermont

Wondering what your wedding ceremony at the 1824 House would actually look like if it needed to be moved inside?

Remember that rustic barn you fell in love with for your reception? The super cute barn doors that leave in a fantastic amount of natural light?

Exactly. As pretty indoors as it it outside.

VT wedding ceremony in the rain

indoor wedding at the 1824 House in Vermont

With the couple and the entire wedding party standing against the doors, I had to use flash throughout the ceremony in order to expose for the couple as well as the background. Without carefully balanced flash, you’re left with two less than ideal options:

1) exposing for the couple, which results in them being perfectly lit in front of a bright white background that could be anywhere
2) exposing for the background, which results in two dark silhouettes in front of a perfectly exposed background.

Seating is a little more cramped and there will be some shuffling around in order to organize ceremony, cocktail hour and reception but everybody from coordinators to catering has been nothing short of professional and super nice.

Happy wedding planning!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography
Your Waitsfield, Vermont Destination Wedding Photographer

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