March 31, 2017

What a week!

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“I’m going to take Daisy to the ER, she’s peeing blood.”

That’s how we started the 15-year anniversary of us meeting. Daisy and Damian set off to BEVS in Burlington and Shelly & Jake crawled back into bed with me (it was 4 am). Sleep didn’t come so we just huddled together and waited for a phone call. Luckily, it was just a bladder infection (I’m saying “just” as my mind immediately jumped to the worst case scenario) and our not so little muffin is on the mend.

Additionally, this week saw another senior dog recovering from pretty invasive dental surgery, a root canal (human) and culminated in both of us coming down with the flu.

However, it was also a week during which we launched our new website, booked 4 additional weddings, designed an amazing wedding album & planned a fantastic timeline for one of our favorite couples.

And finally, just four days later, we got around to eating our delicious anniversary cake from North Country Cakes!

North Country Cakes - best Vemont wedding cakes

Here’s to a less eventful start into April.

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