Me: crazy about our dogs, cats & my husband. We're currently a 7-head household, with us two humans being vastly outnumbered by our four legged family members. 

I grew up in Europe and had every plan of becoming a teacher. While in grad school, I was offered a scholarship to attend USC, met my husband and moved to Los Angeles permanently. By accident, I turned headshot & motion picture photographer while restoring motion pictures at night for an awesome little company. After a brief stint in Boston, we found our new home in Vermont and the wedding bug bit hard.

I love traveling, hiking, paddleboarding, good food, apple filled donuts, Pilsner beer, wine & Mojitos! Favorite vacation: our trip to Tuscany! 
Fun fact: I once touched Jon Bon Jovi's hand and didn't wash that hand for three weeks



"You and Damian could not have done a better job and if we got to do it all over again James and I would hire you guys in a heartbeat. 

Your candid shots are stunning and so much better than just posed pictures. I am so grateful that you were able to capture our memories and moments with such honesty and so beautifully."

"These pictures are unbelievable"

Liza & James
Mountain Top Inn & Resort 
A stunning Vermont barn wedding

We had a fantastic experience with Kat. With her professionalism, class and quirky sense of adventure, she was the perfect photographer for us. She is sincere and genuine, qualities that shine through in the resulting photos. ...I felt like I looked beautiful on my wedding day, and I have lovely memories to treasure. We look relaxed and happy. The candids of our family and friends are wonderful. Even the formal portraits are appealing, with a sense of our personalities shining through."

and made something beautiful"

"Somehow, Kat took two of the worst models ever 

Audrey & James
a woodstock Vermont wedding

Where to begin- as a resident of Ohio, Kat and I were only able to meet electronically up until the day of my wedding; however, when we did finally meet in person I felt like I had known her forever! ...She had no problem rock climbing at the top of Jay Peak to capture the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen. And she had no problem with my somewhat wild bridesmaids :) I would honestly recommend Kat to anyone, anywhere, who wants a dedicated and amazingly talented photographer.

known her forever"

"I felt like I'd

Colleen & Matt
A jay peak wedding