January 25, 2018

A surprise wedding proposal on the slopes!

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Marc & Amy came up to Jay for a weekend of skiing. At least that’s what Amy thought. Little did she know that Marc had other plans and those plans included Amy no longer being his girlfriend after the weekend but his fiancĂ©e. It felt like mission fit for James Bond – how to get Amy onto the slopes without skis so we’d get photos with the mountain in the background vs. the crowds around the lift just a couple of feet away?

Jay Peak Resort by Kat Mooney Photography

Marc had an idea. After their first run, he faked a knee injury and hobbled back up the hill. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amy follow him reluctantly. Still trying to not to stand out from the crowd, I photographed random people and events so Amy wouldn’t think anything of a professional photographer being there since there was no hiding two full frame cameras.

Then I saw Marc drop to one knee. There was concern on Amy’s face as she still thought it was the “injury” that made him drop. As Marc pulled a little box out of his jacket, the concern turned to disbelief, then utter joy.

surprise proposal with Vermont wedding photographer

Then her knees gave out. Random people were yelling “What did she say?” but time froze inside that little bubble around Amy & Marc. Nothing else existed.

girlfriend's reaction to surprise wedding proposal

surprise proposal with Vermont wedding photographer

Out of all the moments I’ve captured for my couples over the last couple of (gulp!) decades, this one is one of my favorite ones.

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A huge Thank you to the kind folks at Alice’s Table restaurant who let us warm up and call family & friends despite being on the tail end of service.

telling your family and friends that you just got engaged

While the gondola was down due to high winds, we roamed the property to take somw more photos of Marc & Amy to capture their bliss.
just became engaged

surprise winter proposal

surprise winter proposal

winter engagement photos in Vermont

Marc & Amy – it was such a special moment to capture, thank you for letting me join in your happiness.

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography
Vermont destination wedding, elopement and proposal photographer

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