August 23, 2018

Alyssa & Adam’s EPIC & offbeat Vermont outdoor summer wedding

What does it take for two strangers to cross paths, decide to get to know each other, and mutually agree that this one other person, out of all the billions of people in the world, is the One that is worth opening up to, investing in and spending the rest of forever with? It’s that crazy little thing called love.

Love transports us through time and space, as one of the few truly universal elements of the human experience. Love reminds us to sit back and notice the unabashedly good things in life. The beauty in the world, and in each other.

Nobody could have said it better than Alyssa and Adam during their ceremony. It was true, it was heartfelt, in incorporated their loved ones, it cemented their union further, and it was truly THEM in their truest form.

No place could have been more perfect and no time could have been more perfect. Onion River Campground provided the perfect setting for Alyssa & Adam’s offbeat and unique wedding in Central Vermont, which is near and dear to their hearts and every single aspect of their wedding was a labor of love.

Countless of “crafting parties” transformed Alyssa’s dress, which was adorned with hundreds and hundreds of handmade flowers, Adam and Alyssa collaborated on the bridesmaids necklaces, and friends and family worked tirelessly on the decor, the PINADA!, instructions for the countless lawn games, and desserts. There were hula hoops, mountain bikes, a photo booth, bubbles, more bubbles and oh so many delicious desserts.

Most importantly: there was love and boundless happiness.

offbeat bride getting ready photos

offbeat bride getting ready photos

offbeat bride getting ready photos

Alyssa and Adam had their First Look Wedding Photos by the river and Adam could not have been more surprised, delighted and happy to see Alyssa in the “skulls and crossbones” (the codename for “Project Wedding Dress”) dress for the first time.

first look wedding photos by river

first look wedding photos by river

first look wedding photos by river

The wedding party. OMG. These guys and gals were awesome. You can just tell how much each and every one of them cares for Alyssa & Adam.
photo of large wedding party

One of my favorite grandmothers and I just love, love, love this photo.
bride and her grandmother

Adam & Alyssa wrote their entire wedding ceremony and it was just perfect.; truly them with so many readings and personal touches, also incorporating the bride and groom taking pictures from their point of view before exchanging vows & rings.
outdoor custom DIY wedding ceremony in VT

outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods of Vermont

bride and groom taking photo of each other

outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods of Vermont

Vermont best wedding photographer

outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods of Vermont

outdoor wedding recessional

Hula Hoops, Mountain Bikes, Jumping into a River. Alyssa did all three – on her wedding day while wearing a wedding dress … which pretty much makes her the coolest and most fun person on the planet right there.
offbeat bride and groom

Vermont destination wedding photographer

bride and groom on mountain bikes

bride and groom with hula hoops

I already mentioned the countless lawn games and the endless dessert buffet but Adam & Alyssa also thoughtfully planned ahead to accommodate the kids as well as those young at heart while inside the reception tent by setting up a massive LEGO table.

DIY wedding decor at Onion River Campground wedding in Vermont

first dance as husband and wife

Speaking of staying young at heart – here is Alyssa’s grand mom playing disc golf.
grand mom playing disc golf at Vermont outdoor wedding

Alyssa & Adam also made the cake shaped wedding piñata themselves and it was sturdy. So sturdy, in fact, that every kid attending the wedding got to swing three times before Alyssa & Adam finally got the candy out of the piñata.

kids with bride hitting the wedding piñata

Alyssa & Adam – from the bottom of my heart, it was such an incredible honor to document this day for you. Lots and lots of love!!!!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography
offbeat Vermont wedding photographer

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