July 1, 2019

Behind the Scenes – how to take natural and unposed bridal portrait photos

You picked the perfect location for your Vermont wedding, you picked the perfect wedding dress, you poured your heart and soul into every single detail of your day … and now the big day is finally here! Which means PARTY TIME and epic amounts of fun.

It also means wedding photo jitters for those of us who may not be all that comfortable in front of the camera. If you fall into that group, I’m right there with you. For years, having photos of myself taken for the blog or the website was a massive undertaking during I ended up hating my hair (!), every single facial expression as well my photographer, aka suffering husband, who had the world’s most difficult client on his hands.

To remedy the situation (and to save our collective sanity), I took Workshop upon Workshop with the world’s top wedding photographers and learned so much along the way. I learned how to invisibly pose anybody so they look their absolute best, how to introduce movement, I learned about the body’s anatomy, spine movement and had a blast along the way. I also became a Certified International Portraits and Wedding Photographer.

I’m also proud to report that I’m no longer a complete pain in the neck when somebody tries to take my picture and I’m super stoked to pass this on to my couples so they can have a blast taking their wedding photos and feel and look their absolute best.

In case you wondered what it looks like behind the scenes, we made this short video for you.

We’re now booking well into 2020 and 2021 (yikes!) so if you want to lock in your wedding date, give us a holler.

Kat & Damian Mooney

Vermont Destination Wedding Photographers

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