June 10, 2019

DIY Wedding Favors

Happy Monday! Our raspberries are in full bloom, the cherries are coming along, and I’m slowing winning the battle against whatever tiny pest is trying wreak havoc on my beloved Kohlrabi. In short: summer is here.

Which means we finally switched from winter to summer tires (better late than never!) and reorganized our mudroom (again!) and sorted through hundreds and hundreds of mason jars and canning jars that just a couple of months ago contained delicious homemade chutneys, sauces, and relishes … which we apparently managed to polish off in their entirety.

homemade jam, preserve, and conserve as a wedding favor

It also reminded me of Sarah & Josh’s incredible Vermont outdoor wedding that was chock-full of thoughtful DIY touches throughout like conserves made from family recipes – which is a super sweet wedding favor that is personal and works perfectly with rustic chic Vermont weddings.

Happy planning & happy canning!

Kat Mooney Photography – Vermont wedding photographer

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