June 1, 2018

Extreme Weather on your wedding day

I ended my week on a high note by being interviewed by a Buzzfeed reporter about “Weddings and Extreme Weather” and was thinking back to so many Vermont outdoor weddings that were threatened by thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes or plain & simple rain and how gracefully all my couples handled whatever Mother Nature threw at us.

Case in point: Ben & Lauren’s wedding ceremony between the mountains with thunderstorms hovering overhead and no cover in sight. In case of rain, there were two options:

1) A mad 200 yard dash down the hill towards the Inn for anybody on foot
2) a mad 100 yard dash towards the parking lot for those lucky enough to drive up the hill

Neither one all that tantalizing when you’re wearing high heels and a wedding dress.

thunderstorm during wedding ceremony at the mountain top

By sheer magic, the clouds ripped open just in time for Ben & Lauren’s wedding vows and a single ray of sunshine came through the clouds.

thunderstorm during wedding ceremony at the mountain top

Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Enjoy the weekend.

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