October 19, 2018

Family Photo 2018

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I didn’t plan on taking our family photo this year. As a matter of fact, I was dreading our annual tradition. With Daisy no longer with us, it felt like we were documenting the dwindling of our little family. With two hours to go until my parents’ departure for the airport/Germany, everybody felt on the safe side. No family photo this year. I could feel the relief. Then I changed my mind.

“Everybody, let’s go. We’re doing this.”

Just like the years prior, I set my trusted camera to “interval”, metered, and then let the camera capture an image every second. We captured a surprising amount of photos of our collective butts and – even more surprisingly – two semi-acceptable shots of our group. 😉

family selfie in Vermont with dogs

family selfie in Vermont with dogs

Finally! Shelly & my dad got to do what they love doing most. Chucking and catching the ball, which can go on for hours.
my dad, Shelly, and the Chuckit

Enter the relief pitcher, my mom. Jake, on the other hand, couldn’t care any less.
my mom, Shelly, Jake, and the Chuckit

Never having been a fan of any sort of “dog activities”, he much rather enjoys getting petted and loved on.
grandparents of the senior dog

As always, time flew by way too fast – see you again next year!!!!


Kat, Damian, Jake, Shelly, Grover & Marvin

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