August 8, 2019

Friends don’t let friends photograph their wedding

I remember laboring over my “bouquet” choices when planning our elopement 16 years ago. One rose or three roses? It seemed like such a monumental decision. Ultimately, it came down to budget. Damian was struggling actor in LA with a million side-jobs to keep us afloat while I was waiting for my work permit to come through. One rose it was. We selected the cheapest package at the wedding chapel and booked the nicest hotel we could afford.

Our wedding package only contained 10 prints. However, one of our friends was a film maker (hey, we lived in LA at the time where everybody is in the industry making movies, taking headshots, or is working on a script) and we trusted him to take some really creative wedding photos.

The day before our wedding started off with a frantic call from my parents, who had accidentally boarded the wrong flight and instead of landing in Vegas had gotten onto a flight to New Orleans. Thanks, Delta Airlines. After spending a long night at the airport, they were able to take an early flight to Dallas and then on to Las Vegas with just hours to spare before our ceremony. We were off to a good start.

By the time our outdoor ceremony rolled around at 8pm, it was still 114 degrees but it didn’t matter. We were so excited to finally get married. The ceremony felt like a giant blur and I only remember that there was one word that I had to repeat that I’d never even heard of. To this day, I don’t recall the word.

The next day, we picked out our 10 photos and they were ok, some had me with my eyes closed and I’m not altogether sure why I’m bending my knees. 😉 In any case, we were excited for our friend’s wedding photos.

Our friend, who shall remain nameless, handed us the rolls of film and we were expecting greatness. What we got when we picked up the photos at my lab was this:

72 blurry photos. Not a single one usable. It looks like he had set the camera to manual and picked a way too low shutter speed that created beautiful motion blur throughout. I quite literally wanted to strangle him.

So that’s what we got. I have the very first photo framed in our living room. To this day, I want to kick myself for not upgrading the photo package but it is what it is. There were so many things that went wrong on our wedding day that now make for an amazing story.

Here’s a belated anniversary to us. 🙂

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography, your Vermont destination wedding photographer.

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