August 21, 2018

Happy 5-year anniversary Shelly Bean

5 years ago, we went to a rabbit rescue (!) in St. Albans to pick up a puppy mill rescue full of worms.

The tiny wiggler (think smaller than a cat) was kept in a play pen inside a concrete garage, no mother in sight; left with one sister who was also being picked up that day. We instantly feel in love and carefully placed the little worm into her new crate, outfitted with blankets and pillows, before heading to our vet’s office. We made it about one freeway exit. The little wiggler screamed, and screamed, and screamed. And then screamed some more. We threw caution into the wind, took the wiggler out of her crate and watched her fall asleep in my arms with a sigh of relief. An hour and worm pills for the whole family later, we were well on our way home for her to meet her new siblings.

adult dog meeting puppy for the first time

Despite never having been around puppies, the adults took a shining to little Shelly B. Cooper (who, at the time, was a very smelly pooper indeed – TBBT fans will get this reference!). Where Daisy & Jake had previously settled into early retirement, they perked up and became playful puppies again themselves, wrestling and romping around with Shelly Bean.

canine siblings laughing

Even the cats didn’t seem to mind her too much.

dog and cat

I’d be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing but our collective training efforts paid off. Shelly B. Cooper is a bonafide Canine Good Citizen and is still setting the world on fire with her Shelly Bean antics.

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Here’s to never growing up little Shelly! Happy Gotcha Day!!!

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