February 4, 2019

Matt & Meg. A sub-zero Vermont outdoor wedding.

Meg & Matt’s Vermont outdoor winter wedding had everything: a beautiful setting overlooking Willoughby Gap, lots and lots of snow, super sweet details, the cutest couple of Basset Hounds (those ears!) and, most importantly, the most amazing group of people imaginable.

rustic wooden wedding ring holder
custom wedding dress hanger

I can’t think of too many people who would brave subzero temperatures and biting winds to see their friends say “I do” but after finally meeting Meg & Matt in person, it makes total sense. They are exactly the kind of people you’d follow to Vermont for an outdoor wedding ceremony in the midst of winter.

sub zero freezing outdoor wedding ceremony in Vermont at the shore of Lake Willoughby

Massive props not only to all of the guests but also to one of my favorite officiants, Stephen Laurie, for being out there with us! This group totally rocked and even stuck it out for photos!!!

wedding group photo of all guests in the winter outdoors in the freezing cold
bride and groom in the snow

After warming up in our cars on the way back to the house, we were ready for round two of photos and this group continued to rock! Meg & her girls were so much fun to photograph!!!

Vermont winter wedding photos
Vermont winter wedding photos
bride and groom in the snow

Bring on the Hounds!!!! OMG – I have the feeling there might be a Basset Hound in my future. These guys were so stinking cute.

bride and groom with their Basset Hounds

Meg – what can I say that you don’t already know? Not only are you of the funnest people but also one of the most fearless! Thank you so much for letting me document your day for you!!!!

bride and groom on snowmobile
bride and groom on snowmobile

This photo is quite literally the last frame of the night with everybody heading back for the house. Thank you so much for wrangling around the snowmobiles, re-parking our collective cars and making everything run so smoothly (John!).

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and continued adventures!!!!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography – fearless Vermont wedding photographer

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