July 2, 2019

My three favorite non-photo related apps

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Me: “Where is my phone?”


Damian: “Do you still have your wallet?”

Me: “I don’t care about the wallet, I’m lost without my phone.”

That’s when I realized two things: 1) It’s entirely possible to have a blind spot for the giant, neon-green phone sitting on the counter and 2) I’m nothing without my phone. How far I’ve come from my initial “I don’t see what I’d need apps for” not too long ago. 🙂

So without further ado, here are my Top-3 day-to-day apps that I don’t want to live without.


For years (decades really), I was the world’s lousiest cook. Contributions included a very sandy stew (not sure what happened there), burned meals, horrible meals, and a few ok meals. My pork roast, however, was always on point. None of that mattered though because Damian was chef’ing it up on a daily basis. Then came Christmas 2018 and he had to undergo shoulder replacement surgery, which sidelined him completely.

Living in the boonies, we don’t have restaurants nearby and only dream of meal delivery. Our culinary future looked bleak. Then I figured “There has to be an app for that.” And an app there was. The perfect meal planning app – Mealime. BTW, I’m using the free version.

This thing is 100% magic. You select the size of your household and type of diet (vegan, vegetarian, Keto etc.), how much time you’re willing to spend in the kitchen, and foods you hate and the app will suggest meals based on that input. Every Sunday, it reminds me to plan the meals for the next week. Based on the meals selected, it then creates a shopping list (A LIST!!!!), and also gives step by step cooking instructions.

I honestly couldn’t be more in love. My cooking went to entirely different levels and the Chili below is seriously killer.


It’s no secret that I love planning, scheduling, and (my favorite) Lists! Next to Google Sheets, lists are my favorite. The snazzy TodoIst app (I’m using the free version) let’s me organize my task by day, by project, and it also sets me set recurring events i.e. the fun reconciling bank statements task is a monthly one for me. 🙂

The reason I love lists so much is because once something is “on the the list”, it’s out of my head. It also lets me color code. Sheer beauty.


We’ve been crushing hard on Georges-St.-Pierre since the first Rush-Fit tapes came out and quotes from those initial tapes are now part of our daily vocabulary, complete with French/Canadian accent. So yes, “there is no magic pill, you got to work.”

And work we did. Touch Fit allows you to select the duration of the workout, whether or not to use elastic resistance bands, and the part of the body you feel like targeting (upper, lower, or blended). Over the last five+ years, I’ve been working out religiously; it’s super fun, I have some well deserved me-time, and I’ve never been in better shape.

And there you have it – my three all time favorite apps. Now off to check “blog three favorite apps” off my Todoist. 🙂

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