May 8, 2019

Our vacation in Germany & Spain

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Mysterious are the ways of the internet. I wrote this really long (and awesome!) blog post about our pre-wedding season vacation to Germany & Spain, then my blog migrated and now that post is gone. So here’s the short version:

My dad’s BB& game as well as beer selection are on point!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the most crooked building in the world. Turns out it is the church tower in a little town in Lower Saxony called Suurhusen.

Kaffee und Kuchen every day are hard to beat.

Spain is beyond gorgeous although I’m unlikely to drive through Mallorca’s mountain ranges any time soon. 🙂

Now for the photos:

Greetsiel Harbor
Kloster Ihlow – destroyed during the reformation and now “re-built” as a steel frame.
Campener Leuchtturm – an awesome lighthouse
Otto Lighthouse – also: meet my parents who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during this trip.
Suurhusen Church – certifiably crooked. 🙂
Beer & BBQ in Germany
Kaffee und Kuchen

On to Spain, Mallorca to be exact, where we had rented an incredible finca near the town of Pollenca which had not only a pool and BBQ but also a Ping Pong Table.

Out and about

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