October 28, 2018

Senior Dogs Rule – our Jakebert’s 14th Gotcha Day!!!

14 years ago, an undernourished black dog showed up at our doorstep in Toluca Lake. A beyond stoked Daisy showed him around the house, showed him the dog beds (she always had plenty) while whispering “that’s not really where we sleep at night, we sleep in bed with them”, showed him his water bowl, food station all the while the little black boy dog was taking copious notes of the few house rules. At least that’s what it looked like from the outside. In less than a day, the former stray and the Valley Girl became “Daisy and Jake”.

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Being more shy and less gregarious than Daisy, he captured our hearts in a more subtle way. Or, as we call it “The Mansy Way” – Mansy being one of his many nicknames. Instead of demanding attention, he would sit quietly, hoping to be acknowledged. Instead of hollering to let us know he needed to use the bathroom, he’d send Daisy to let her do the hollering for him.

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Always humble, never pushy, always lending his shoulder to cry on, he hates football and arguments just as much as he hates water, swimming, and getting his feet wet – which is also the reason you see him parked on the lawn furniture during mud season.

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We’ve been looking for the zipper on his dog suit for years because in all reality, he’s a pint sized human in a dog coat. Only he’s a much better human than most of us will ever be. Going for rides or just to the vet’s office, he brims with excitement over being out on the town with his humans & siblings.

dog photographer in Vermont

People comment a lot on how he hit the jackpot when he showed up at our house. Truth is, we were the ones who lucked out that day. He’s the heart & soul of our mötley crew of adoptees and the best co-sleeper on the planet.

dog photographer in Vermont

The first cremee of the season – always one of my favorite events of the year.

Thank you to the incredibly talented Terri Klinger, who took our family photos many, many moons ago!

Jakebert – we love you so, so much. You made us better humans. Here’s to many more years together.

Kat & Damian
Kat Mooney Photography
Vermont dog photographer

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