September 10, 2019

Three easy tips for awesome wedding photos

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You found the perfect VT wedding venue, hired your wedding vendor dream team, and found a kick-ass Vermont wedding photographer! Congratulations!!!

There are a couple of things you can do that are super easy and will take your wedding photos to the next level of awesome.

  1. Tan Lines

If you spend a lot of time outside and tan (or burn!) easily, you’ll likely end up with tan lines for your wedding and there are limits to touching those up the day of, even with a spray tan. Short of not leaving the house in the months leading up to your wedding, there are a couple of solutions to prevent wedding day tan lines:

  • match your bikini top to the neckline of your wedding dress.
    Now we know why they make us order these a year in advance. 🙂
  • switch to a strapless bikini if you don’t have a plunging back
  • tan topless
  • wear sun blocking shirts
  • if all of the above failed, try Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Concealer, it’ll cover anything and everything.

plunge line wedding dress without tan lines

2. Pocket Bulge

As women, we definitely have an edge over the guys, who don’t carry purses and are stuck shoving keys, wallets, and phones go into their pockets where they … bulge! Massively distracting in photos. Before the ceremony and all formal photos, have somebody make sure that all guys have empty pockets.

Wedding unrelated fun fact: my very own purse can hold up to six wine bottles.

3. Transitional lenses
For the most part, the older generation is guilty of committing this crime against wedding photos. Outside of wedding photos, transitional lenses are awesome, it’s one less pair of glasses to misplace. However, when taking outdoor wedding photos, they’ll turn into sunglasses in a snap leaving you with one of these two options:

1) leave the sunglasses/transitional lenses on and have your parents look like rockstars who partied way too hard the night before
2) have them take off their glasses only to have your mother state that she feels naked and doesn’t look like herself without glasses

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: talk to everybody who is going to be in your wedding photos and ask them to bring a pair of regular old glasses along for the photos. Problem solved!

Happy wedding planning!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography
your VT wedding photographer

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