January 17, 2019

Three secrets to better dance floor photos

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I love blogging. I just don’t always find the time. Particularly when it’s cold outside and Netflix and a glass of wine are calling.  I guess it’s about making blogging a priority vs. wondering “Why in the world would you do that again” while watching our newest obsession “Back with the Ex”. 🙂

Back to blogging … after 10 years of photographing well over 200 weddings across New England, I’ve seen quite a bit and love sharing my tips on how to have an awesome & stress free wedding and kick ass wedding photos. 

While I don’t direct your photos of the dances, here are my top three things to have kicking dance floor photos of your wedding:

  1. Don’t speak. Instead, close your eyes, hold your spouse (YES, you’re officially married!!!) close and take it all in. If you are going to catch up each other about how your day went, absolutely keep it positive! Laugh, smile, giggle, flirt, cry … just don’t vent about anything that may not have gone according to plan.  If you do, it will 100% show in your body language and your wedding photos. 
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2) Have the parent dances at the same time. This might save time but it also forces your wedding photographer to split his/her attention by having to shift back and forth between the two couples. Here’s a dirty secret: if we have to make a decision, we will sacrifice the groom for the bride. To have the same amount of dance photos of the father/daughter and mother/son dances, simply opt to have these two dances separate from each other.

EPIC father daughter dance at a private estate wedding in Vermont

3) Have your guests be present and put away the cell phones.
It’s absolutely ok to let your guests know that your photographer will capture every moment so they can put away their cell phones and focus on you as a couple vs. snapping away on their cell phones.

If you have any wedding planning questions, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer them here on the blog. Happy wedding planning!

Kat – Kat Mooney Photographer

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