February 11, 2020

Wall Art – why we don’t have uppers

Ever met a person who designed their kitchen around their love for travel and wall art? Well … I’m Kat and I’m a wall art addict. I see an empty wall as a space to be filled with memories. Bright and happy memories. To me, upper cabinets in the kitchen hide clutter (or stuff that’s hardly used) and take up valuable wall real estate. Real estate that could be occupied by, you guessed it, wall art.

Large format metal prints to be precise. For two reasons:

  1. Metal prints look fantastic, are super vibrant, and the colors just pop off the print. No glass also means no breakage which is huge in our multi-pet household.
  2. Metal prints don’t require hammer & nails to install. Simply attach with Command Power Strips. No stud finding, no damaged walls. Easy peasy.
travel wall art instead of upper kitchen cabinets in minimalist kitchen
travel wall art instead of upper kitchen cabinets in minimalist kitchen
travel wall art instead of upper kitchen cabinets in minimalist kitchen

The travel theme spills out into the living room where we also covered an unsightly beam with bamboo panels of our crew. These are printed onto solid and very hefty bamboo panels. My trusted Power Glue Strips failed me here, not because of the weight of the prints but because the door to our basement is right behind the pesky beam and I’d constantly knock off the prints with my laundry baskets. We finally caved and took a hammer to the beam et voila – no more prints being knocked off the wall.

book and art display with family photos
bamboo family photo prints

When Daisy and Jake, our original twosome, got older and couldn’t make the stairs up to the office, we eliminated the dining room and created this office nook for me. True to form, we stuck to our bright and cheerful theme.

bright and colorful office travel wall art photo display

This picture of our Daisy Mae (taken by Damian) always puts a smile onto my face. Every single day. As much as I miss our little girl, I love this photo that captures her spirit so very much.

super sized dog metal print wall art
lie flat wall art that doesn't damage your drywall

So yes, we probably devalued our home by quite a bit with all of our modifications but honestly, it would take a fool to buy this house and two ever bigger fools to sell it.

Happy decorating! Be bold.

Kat – Kat Mooney Photography, bold and unafraid Vermont wedding photographer

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