June 7, 2017

Wedding mishaps – kids in the wedding party

While we don’t have children of the human kind and instead share the bed with three rescue mutts and two kitten boys, I always love seeing children in weddings. Kids to me are fun. They’re unpredictable, unfiltered and will pretty much say or do whatever they feel or think. Which is awesome. It also makes for great photos of unplanned moments.

Like this adorable little guy who was walking down the aisle announcing the bride and could not have been any miserable if he tried.

pouting ring bearer

On the fence on whether or not you should have kids in your wedding party? It depends.

If you can go with the flow and take whatever they do in stride, it’s a great idea. They might run down the aisle, they might not want to walk at all, they might hide underneath a bridesmaids dress, they might dump their flower basket the second they step foot down the aisle and they might have a complete meltdown altogether. Or they might be perfectly behaved and float down the aisle, smiling brightly, carrying the ring, announce the bride or gracefully spread flower petals – looking back over the years, there’s a 20% chance of that actually happening. 😉

Happy wedding planning!

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